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Custom Powder Coating Specializes in High Quality Powder Coated Finishes

Custom Powder Coating is dedicated to providing the highest quality powder coated finishes to our customers nation wide. We cater to the demands of the motor sport enthusiast. by providing quality custom powder coating finish for sports cars, custom choppers, sport bikes, dirt bikes, four wheelers, race karts and classic automobiles.

Custom Powder Coating provides the highest quality powder coated finishes for custom choppers, motorcycles and automotive applications.When people think of powder coating they usually think of basic black but at Custom Powder Coating we offer the colors to fit your imagination. We specialize in multicoat specialty powder applications such as candy, metal flake and texture finishes. We even offer several high quality black finishes from flat and textures to satins and high gloss. The best quality powder coating for your chopper, sport bike, four wheeler, sports car or classic hotrod is at Custom Powder Coating. 

We are a family owned and operated powder coating company that has served the Dallas and Fort Worth area since 1988. We built our reputation by providing our customers with high quality powder coatings and outstanding customer service.

Are You Looking For Pricing?
Many people call us to find out how much a certain item costs to powder coat. This is always tricky because without actually seeing the condition of the item we can't give you an accurate price quote. We have put together a page that lists our most common items like car wheel, motorcycle wheels and frames. If you need a ball park price for your project just take a look at our pricing table by clicking here:pricing button

ChairCarePatio.com sling chairOutdoor Furniture Refinishing
You may not know this but a significant part of our business is the refinishing and repairing of outdoor furniture. This is such a large part of our business that it has another name, Chair Care. If you have furniture that needs refinishing or if you have broken vinyl straps, torn and ripped fabric slings, missing glides or even if you need cushions or an umbrella ChairCarePatio.com has you covered.

Custom Powder Coating specializes in the sandblasting
and powder coating of items such as:

  • Custom Chopper Frames & Wheels
  • Sport Bike Frames and Parts
  • Custom and Classic Car Parts
  • Motorcycle Frames, Wheels & Parts
  • Car Frames, Wheels & Parts
  • Bumpers & Grill Guards
  • Industrial Fabrications
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Metal Fencing and Railings
  • Retail Displays & Fixtures
  • ATV Frames & Parts
  • Bicycle Frames & Parts
  • And More

Whether you spell it powdercoating or powder coating, the next time you need quality industrial finishing with attention to detail, contact Custom Powder Coating of Dallas, Texas. We serve the North Texas area including Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Sherman, Gainesville, Wichita Falls, Greenville, Tyler, Corsicana and Waco.

You can contact us at
Custom Powder Coating
8804 Sovereign Row
Dallas, Texas 75247
Call 469-571-9601


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